R&B/Soul singer, Ke’Andra Davis, started her musical journey as a singer/songwriter with church and 90’s R&B influences. Growing up in Fort Lawn, South Carolina, Ke'Andra has learned that dreams do not come true by simply wishing. She's made it her business to take responsibility of her musical destination.

As a freshman in high school, Ke'Andra began recording herself singing with her keyboard on a PC voice recorder. Her efforts sparked the interest of local producers. From selling CDs during lunch break, to performing at NBA games, Ke'Andra is stronger than ever, and is ready to take on the hurdles of her musical journey.

"Life of Kea" is Ke'Andra's second EP and latest release. You'll find that she has a way of unapologetically expressing her feelings through her lyrics. Ke'Andra also takes the role of producer on "Life of Kea". Other producers include Thurgoodleroy and Demetric Allen. 

Ke'Andra continues to enforce efforts to create an experience that people can hold on to. She remains conscious of her purpose, and deliberate in her individuality. Realizing that it's not an easy process, Ke'Andra uses her obstacles to fuel her vision.

To be in our minds is to dwell in the most beautiful paradise, or the most horrid hell. Our minds allow us to relive horrors, live out fantasies, and re-explore moments in love, peace, and happiness.”

— Ke'Andra Davis